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Monday, May 1, 2017

May Letters, Themes, Events

Be sure to look for our Weekly Class News in your child's folder each Friday - all you need to know about BSLK (and more!) will be on the newsletter!  In addition, a monthly calendar will be stapled inside your child's daily folder.  REMINDER:  our team color is the same as the daily folder.

No Family Project this month!
Volunteer Appreciation, Field Day, Move-Up Day/Graduation, End of the Year Party (I need parents to organize this please) this month.  PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILD'S VISOR TAG IF YOU ATTEND CLASS PARTIES/PROGRAMS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.

     I, am, the little, to, a (earn orange rainbow piece)
     have, is, we, my, like, he, for (earn yellow piece)
     me, with, she, see, look, they, you, of (earn green piece)   
     are, that, do, go, here, from (earn blue piece)
     yellow, blue, green, what, said, was, where, come (earn purple piece)
New Words for May:  NONE - it's all review - RAINBOWS should be COMPLETED at this point!  Woohoo! 

  • Alphabet Review
  • Ocean, Ocean, & more Ocean

  • MATH:   
  • counting one-to-one (pointing to objects as we are counting them)
  • Number Poems
  • Classify & Sort Data
  • FOCUS NUMBERS:  refer to weekly Class News
ALSO, your child should have earned their three owls (counting by 10's to 100, counting by 1's to 100, and naming numbers 0-20 out of order).

BIG NEWS THIS MONTH:  At our End of the Year Party, I will present your child with his/her MEMORY BOOK, MEMORY SACK, AND CLASS MOVIE!!!  The movie will be playing during the party.  The kids LOVE to go through this with Mom or Dad.  Come if you can!  IF YOU KNOW/SEE MY MOM, THANK HER - she works ALL school year long on your child's Memory Books.

I have an extensive collection of Youtube playlists and couldn't decide what to include, sooooooo. . . here are my FAVE Youtube folks:
(you can type in the skill and the name(s) below to find what you need!)

  • Harry Kindergarten
  • Jack Hartmann
  • Debbie & friends
  • Have Fun Teaching
  • Story time with Ms. Booksy (Cool School)
  • Tea Time with Tayla
  • Storybots
  • beansandfranktv
  • Dr. Jean
  • DRAWING (super cool!):  Art for Kids Hub

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