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Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Letters, Themes, Events

You will receive a phone call from me in July & a letter in August with details regarding our Meet & Greet as well as our Parent Orientation meeting.  A supply list is included in your mailing.  PLEASE BRING ALL OF YOUR CHILD'S SUPPLIES TO PARENT ORIENTATION and place them in his/her grocery sack.  You are to bring your child to Meet & Greet.  Parent Orientation is for adults only, please.  It is extremely important you attend our Parent Orientation.  I look forward to meeting you and your child!  You can reach me by e-mail at:  

Special Classes will begin at the end of August:  Guidance Counseling, Enrichment, Music, and Library.  P.E. begins at the beginning of the school year! 

Be sure to look for our Weekly Class News in your child's folder each Friday - all you need to know about BSLK (and more!) will be on the newsletter!  In addition, a monthly calendar will be stapled inside your child's daily folder.  REMINDER:  our team color is the same as the daily folder.

This month, please work on your child's first Family Project:  an All About Me Book (instructions given at Parent Orientation) this project will be the first entry in your child's Kindergarten Memory Book!

  • PEACEMAKING, Rules, Procedures, The Kissing Hand, The Gingerbread Man, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, No, David!, Pete the Cat
  • Colors (Color day schedule is given out at Parent Orientation)
  • proper use of crayons/pencils/scissors/glue/markers (songs to help us remember how to use and take care of these important Kindergarten "tools"!)  
  • Begin Letter Introduction

  • Shapes, AB Pattern, Sorting/Classifying, Graphs, early Calendar Concepts
  • counting one-to-one (pointing to objects as we are counting them), positional terms
  • begin with Number Poems
ASSESSMENTS:  we will be administering many individual assessments this month also (DIBELS, Big Spring Lake Report Card, and the WAP-T which is for non-English speaking students).

See Videos Below:  I am super excited to be able to share a few videos with you that we enjoy singing in class!  Have fun viewing these with your child!!!   Youtube has LOTS of kid-friendly educational videos - just be sure to preview it before showing it to your child!